Bruchsaler Bildungsstiftung

Bruchsaler Bildungsstiftung

Building bridges for fair educational opportunities and the development of potential

Educational work requires broad support. Regardless of whether this involves non-material or material contributions. As the state cannot always accomplish this task
alone, other support systems are needed. 

One of these is the Bruchsaler Bildungsstiftung. It takes on the responsibility
and makes its contribution by creating a framework for new opportunities,
to develop the potential of young people.

In order to realize the foundation's purpose, it supports educational policy innovations, school or scientific projects, educational networks and educational ideas. The foundation is particularly interested in supporting disadvantaged pupils with a high level of talent.

By supporting institutions or projects with a connection to Bruchsal, the foundation aims to the foundation aims to build bridges in its direct sphere of influence and thus enable fair educational opportunities.

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The Rainer-Blickle-Prize

The Rainer-Blickle-Prize is awarded for particularly innovative and successful educational projects.

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